A Second Chance Services, Inc. is a diversionary program designed for first-time offenders of non-violent crimes. The program allows the defendant to be diverted from court and enter into a program consisting of counseling and guidance, community service work, and restitution (if applicable).

After successful completion of the program requirements, A Second Chance Services, Inc. will notify the court. Classes offered include, but are not limited to: Anger Management, Community Impact, GED Referrals, Job Leads, Resume’ Workshop, and Community Service is a vital component of the program and will be required and coordinated with every program participant.

At a minimum, our program is structured to satisfy the following: Tie Services to Outcome–Services are designed to maximize the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes. The primary outcomes have been determined to be a low level of recidivism for those who successfully complete the program, and reparation to victims, whether through payment of restitution or fulfillment of a community service requirement.

One size does not fit all-the diversion population is not a homogenous one and the appropriate structure and level of services may vary by client. The structure of the program takes these differences into account. Therefore, expectations for program participation, restitution collection, or community service will vary by client, while ensuring full compliance with the court.
Decreasing the cost of the program-adult diversion services represent a significant expenditure. We have attempted to lower total overall cost of the program and make the program more efficient (serve more clients without compromising an appropriate level of services).